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After my parents split, my mother worked multiple jobs for a couple years just to make ends meet. As a teenager, I picked up a job washing dishes to help pay for groceries and other expenses from time to time. I learned first hand that no parent should ever have to work multiple jobs just to support their kids. 

Yet, some politicians in Madison have gotten away with handing out money to wealthy donors and outsourcing Wisconsin jobs at the expense of working families. Instead of giving foreign companies handouts of our tax dollars, I will fight for the working families of Wisconsin. I will prioritize tax fairness, family supporting wages, and fight to ensure that companies who move jobs out of state stop receiving tax breaks and loans from the state government. 
Our economy grows from the middle out, not the top down. It’s time for Wisconsin to reinvest in its middle class and local businesses to build an economy where everyone thrives - not just those at the top. In the Senate, I will invest in reliable infrastructure, broadband for rural communities, and strong public schools to make sure Wisconsin has the tools to succeed in the new economy.

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I believe our publics schools are the heart of our communities. 

As a School Board Member, I know that that education is the path to a secure future. As a State Senator, I will make certain that our public schools are fully funded, that local School Boards have the power to make the best decisions for their community, and that Wisconsin is a state where the best teachers want to work. 
I know the importance of higher education first hand, but I also know that college isn’t the right option for every student. I believe that Wisconsin needs to invest in vocational training in our high schools so that students who don’t want to go to college have the skills to enter the workforce upon graduation. 

For students that want to pursue higher education, it’s time for Wisconsin to reinvest in our UW-System and technical schools. Our UW schools and technical colleges are a key driving force behind the economic success of our communities, businesses and families. Everyone who works hard should have the opportunity to pursue higher education, learn a skilled trade or get additional workplace training without taking on a lifetime of student loan debt. I will fight to make sure that every man, woman, and child has access to a quality, affordable education without the burden of overwhelming debt.

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Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege. I personally know how the rising cost of medical care can strain a family. My sister has a rare medical condition that required a great deal of specialized care as a child. Though our family had insurance, there was a lot that was not covered and it made it difficult for us to afford basic necessities. 

My family is not alone in this struggle. There are countless stories like mine all over our community -- and that’s why we need to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare. Time and time again, we’ve seen that access to quality preventive healthcare for working families reduces the number of costly emergency room visits and lowers insurance costs for everyone in Wisconsin. In the Senate, rather than watching powerful drug companies and insurance executives write their own rules and increase prices on life-saving medicine, I will fight to expand Badgercare, increase access to mental health care, protect our communities’ health care clinics, and lower prescription costs for seniors.

As a past board member of the Wisconsin Recovery Community Organization, I have personally worked to combat the opioid epidemic that is tearing our families apart. I know the impact that addiction has on a family and Wisconsin isn’t doing enough to stop this crisis. We need to hold prescription drug companies accountable for their role in creating this problem, increase funding for recovery programs, and equip law enforcement with the resources to stop the flow of opiates into our communities.